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Just as guest blogging has long been one of the fastest ways to grow the readership of a blog, podcast guesting (being a guest on another podcast) just might be the fastest way to grow the audience of your podcast.

Mark Deal of Podcast Guest Academy joins us with tips on how to land interviews on other shows to drive listeners back to your podcast.

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Notes from Kent:

Podcasting is the new blogging, and “podcast guesting” is the new “guest blogging”. When you interview a guest on your show, you’re sharing your audience with that guest. Similarly, when you’re a guest on another show, that podcaster is sharing their audience with you. It’s one of the most powerful tools available to you for growing your audience.

So how do you land interviews on other podcasters?

First of all, start with common sense. You’re a podcaster so it shouldn’t be hard to put yourself in the shoes of another podcaster. If you interview guests on your show, what kind of guest pitches do you respond to? Which ones are turnoffs? Approach other podcasters the way you like to be approached by potential guests.

Beyond that, Mark Deal gives us several terrific tips:

  • Don’t make an interview request all about you.
  • Listen to their show and identify things you like about it.
  • Talk about why you like the host/show, then talk a little bit about your expertise and “ask for the date,” so to speak.
  • Mention in your initial outreach that you’re very happy to share the interview with your audience.
  • Keep your initial outreach simple. Don’t include links, PDF attachments, etc. In the first email, just make your call to action a simple question: Would you like to have me on your show?
  • After a week or so, follow up. If you don’t hear anything back, follow up again in another 3 or 4 days.

Mark also runs through a rough template for your first-contact email when you reach out to a fellow podcast host.

Last modified: October 12, 2019

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