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When You Interview a Guest, Do You Legally Own That Content? (You Might Be Surprised)


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When you interview a guest on your podcast, you might assume that you automatically own that interview and its content because it’s on your podcast. But you might be wrong. “The Podcast Lawyer,” Gordon Firemark joins us with insight and advice on how to make sure you, and you alone, own the rights to your podcast interviews.

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NOTES from Kent:

Most podcasters assume any interview content or audio within their show legally belongs to them. That is not automatically the case in every instance. Gordon Firemark is here to explain when you’re likely to solely own the content of your interview, when you might not, and what you can do to ensure that you own exclusive rights to your content.

According to Gordon, if you’re the one handling all of the recording, you’re likely (in U.S. courts) to be deemed the legal owner. However, if you’re recording a “double-ender,” where your guest is recording their portion of the interview locally and uploading the audio, he/she could make a strong case that you have joint ownership of the content. But there’s one way to be certain that you, and you alone, own your content: Use a release form and get it in writing!

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