Big News from Apple Podcasts is Good News for YOUR Show – News Update with James Cridland


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Two big recent announcements from Apple could be good news for your podcast! That’s the word from Editor James Cridland. He also explains what a recent study revealed about podcast statistics, and how you can tell whether your podcast stats are trustworthy.

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James explains Apple’s recent announcement about its shakeup of its podcast categories and why that’s good news, particularly for niche podcasts. And he discusses the Apple Podcast app’s big shift to the homescreen within Apple’s new IOS. James also discusses a recent study from Daniel J. Lewis, which accidentally uncovered a significant problem with the way some podcast hosts count and report podcast statistics.

James Cridland is a media consulatant and conference speaker who speaks to audiences around the globe about changes and trends in media and podcasting. Learn more at

Last modified: July 17, 2019

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