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BONUS: One Critical Question Every Podcaster Must Ask … and Our Answer


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Here is the one critical question that YOU and I, and every podcaster must ask themselves immediately and continually. And we’ll explain how and why the answer to this question is leading us to change some things with this podcast.

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Big News from Apple Podcasts is Good News for YOUR Show – News Update with James Cridland


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Two big recent announcements from Apple could be good news for your podcast! That’s the word from PodNews.net Editor James Cridland. He also explains what a recent study revealed about podcast statistics, and how you can tell whether your podcast stats are trustworthy.

Notes from Kent:

James explains Apple’s recent announcement about its shakeup of its podcast categories and why that’s good news, particularly for niche podcasts. And he discusses the Apple Podcast app’s big shift to the homescreen within Apple’s new IOS. James also discusses a recent study from Daniel J. Lewis, which accidentally uncovered a significant problem with the way some podcast hosts count and report podcast statistics.

James Cridland is a media consulatant and conference speaker who speaks to audiences around the globe about changes and trends in media and podcasting. Learn more at James.cridland.net.

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Podcast Movement Co-Founder Jared Easley on How They Built the World’s Biggest Podcasting Event


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Podcast Movement Co-Founder Jared Easley opens up about early struggles, the times he thought about quitting, and what it took to build the biggest podcasting event on the planet. We also get the inside scoop on what will likely be the largest event of its kind ever: Podcast Movement 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

Learn more about Podcast Movement at PodcastMovement.com

Notes from Kent:

You may already know that Podcast Movement is the biggest podcasting event in the world to learn how to podcast or take your podcast to the next level. But today, to quote the late, great Paul Harvey, you’ll learn the rest of the story.

Success didn’t come easy for Jared Easley and Co-Founder Dan Franks. After Jared effectively worked two full-time jobs for a year and a half to make the second Podcast Movement event in 2015 a success, they found themselves $40,000 in the hole. Jared thought about calling it quits, but they stuck with it and overcame the challenges to make the event what it is today.

Despite his eventual success, he’s as down to earth as anyone you’ll ever meet. I had a chance to meet Jared in person last month and I was immediately struck by his approachability and humility. If you’re a brand new podcaster with zero listeners, he’ll interact with you the same way he talks to the biggest names in the business. He’s not the kind of guy who shakes your hand while peering over your shoulder to see if there’s anyone more important in the room. It’s not false humility. He’s the real deal. I think you’ll enjoy getting to know Jared in this episode as much I enjoyed talking to him.

We’ll also get the inside scoop here on what to expect from Podcast Movement 2019 and how attendees can get the very most from this event.

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Challenging Stage:

One challenge today: Go to a podcasting event! Podcast Movement is the largest event of its kind, but it’s not the only one. There are a number of great podcast conferences you can attend. But if nothing else, simply get out to a local meetup! You’ll get a lot out of talking with other podcasters. Inspiring and learning from one another is a powerful thing!

Quote of the Day:

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” — C.S. Lewis


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The ONE Big Mistake You’re Making with Your Podcast Artwork


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Chances are you’re making one big mistake with the design of the podcast “artwork” that represents your show in directories like Apple Podcasts. We’ll tell you what that mistake is and how to fix it so that your show jumps off the page at potential listeners.

Notes from Kent:

Suppose I were to tell you that your podcast artwork “is a work of art!” You would probably take that as a compliment.

But you shouldn’t.

I’m not trying to be mean here, but the problem is with the very term “artwork.” You see, your podcast artwork is not art. Its purpose is not to be expressive or to look pretty. The purpose of the podcast artwork that represents your show in directories is to: 1) grab attention and 2) drive the potential listner to take action.

Well designed podcast artwork more closely resembles a billboard than art. It should be simple, uncluttered and make effective use of contrast to grab the eye.

Also keep in mind that people may be viewing your podcast artwork at an extremely small size. When I search any term or category in the Spotify app on my Galaxy S8 phone (not a particularly small phone), the images in the search results are physically smaller than a dime. If your podcast image doesn’t work at this size, it doesn’t work.

Always shrink your podcast artwork down to that size and judge it at that scale before approving it.

Take a look at the images below. If you’re viewing this on a large screen, shrink the images to a size smaller than a dime (hit command or ctrl + the minus key to view images at a smaller size). You’ll quickly see that some of the images still pop while others become completely unreadable and unnoticeable.

If you’re reading this on your phone, you might actually need to zoom in just a bit.

For me, How to Be Awesome at Your Job and Startup Stories are the clear winners from these two screenshots.

The winners here? On the left it’s The Comedy Button, and it’s not even close. It’s simple, uncluttered, bright colors, stark contrasts and it features an attention-grabbing object (the red button). On the right, News Beat is my winner, but Rogue Theory isn’t bad either.

Okay, one more set …

2000 Books clearly stands out more than the others on the left, particularly when the images are scaled down smaller than a dime. On the right, it’s Household Name.

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