Google is Changing How People Find YOUR Podcast … and Other Big News with James Cridland


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James Cridland of catches us up on the biggest developments in the podcast industry. He also tells us what to expect in the months ahead and how all of it impacts YOUR podcast.

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Notes from Kent:

It’s really important for us podcasters to stay in formed about what’s changing in our industry. And there’s no one better to learn from than James Cridland. The info here is fantastic, and everything sounds cooler with a British accent!

I was shocked to find out how much cash Spotify has poured into podcasting. This industry is exploding, folks! It’s becoming hypercompetitive, which means we podcasters have to continue to step up our game!

Challenging Stage:

Challenge #1: Get your podcast out far and wide. If you’re one of those podcasters who only submits your espisodes to Apple … you’ve got to fix that asap. Start with Apple, Spotify and Google Play, but then get your podcast into as many apps as possible. Make it easy for listeners to find and access your show wherever and however they want to.

Challenge #2: Sign up for the PodNews newsletter. James isn’t paying me to tell you this. 🙂  Seriously, do it. Stay in the know about what’s happening in our industry!

Heard within this episode:

Luminary podcasts (platform)

Spotify podcasts (platform)

Soundtrap (“one-stop shop” for podcast creation)

Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2 (This is an Amazon affiliate link to the Kobo e-reader)

Quote of the Day:

Remember: In this context, even if you don’t charge for your podcast, your “customers” are the podcast listeners.



Last modified: June 16, 2019

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