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BONUS: Why I Launched This Podcast The Wrong Way


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Fast Lane Podcast University – BONUS episode

Today I’ll reveal why I (knowingly) launched this podcast all wrong, and why I launched it at all. I’ll also how this show will serve as a guinea pig for your podcast, and give you a look ahead at future episodes.

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How to Win Raving Fans by Making Your Listener the Star


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Fast Lane Podcast University – Episode 4:

The 3 Habits of Highly Addictive Podcasts: Win Passionate Fans & Grow Your Audience – Part 3:

The first two habits of highly addictive podcasts, as important as they are, can only help so much without the third crucial habit! Today we explain how to win raving fans by making your listener the star of your show. We’ll explain what that means and give you the simple, powerful steps to make it happen!

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